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It’s a great time to be an innovator………………

The world of technology is constantly changing and providing new tools and opportunities for us.

  We are surrounded today by new possibilities that awe and inspire us to be creative and innovative.  The convergence of voice, video and data is allowing us to build new and exciting networks that encourage people to share information and make decisions based on real-time information. Better communications are allowing those decisions to be made in the office and onsite at locations across the County.  Connected databases and services allow the public to access the information they need anytime, regardless of business hours.  The public can stay in touch with government with automatic tools like enewsletters and RSS feeds. Persons seeking employment can view and apply for jobs online.
In the near future, data will flow between government systems and outside sources.  Next Generation 911 will allow for services like telematics.   Your car will be able to communicate accident information directly to e911 centers and provide vital statistics to emergency responders and medical personnel. Callers to 911 will be able to interact with the telecommunicator using new features like text messaging and video transmissions.

In the health and human services areas, better services can be provided by personnel who have the right tools and information with them in the field.  They will have access to databases that are interrelated and referenced from multiple sources and paths thus providing a complete history of the person seeking services.  Single data entry will reduce the time spent maintaining information and free personnel to do what they do best, serve the public.

The vision of Catawba County Government is to embrace technology to improve service and efficiency, and provide seamless access to the public.  This will be accomplished in a spirit of customer service, partnership, and consultation with our stakeholders.  Our guiding principles are quality, creativity, innovation, integration, and cost effectiveness.  Our mission is simple but very exciting, to provide leadership and guidance in all aspects of technology to enhance government services.
For local government, there have never been so many new and exciting possibilities at our disposal. We should all be inspired and motivated to bring these possibilities to reality.  It truly is a great time to be an innovator.

Terry Bledsoe, CIO
Phone: (828)465-8280
Fax: (828)465-8474

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