What Is That Funny Little Thing On My Building Permit?

Written on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 at 9:56 am by tbledsoe
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The permit center is in the process of adding QR Codes to the permit hard card.  The following is an explanation about how the code works from Steve Lackey.  

By Steve Lackey

Along with the use of smartphones and other related devices, QR Codes are becoming quite popular and useful.  Called “Quick Response Codes”, they store a considerable amount of information.   The code shown here is an example of a QRCode that is a web address to a specific web site.  This one happens to be interpreted by a smartphone or device as the address to the mobile version of the Inspection Assignment Tracking report.  Using a free app to read and interpret the code, the address for this site is loaded into your browser and allows you to go to that web site.

You will begin seeing these codes on several documents and cards produced by the Permit Center.

Some examples of where you will see the code and what it can be used for are listed below

  • Permit Hardcard & Permit – Address to generate the Permit Detail report showing relative permit information including inspections for that permit.
  • Permit Hardcard & Permit – Address to generate a GIS map of the parcel that the permit is related to.


There are many uses for this outside of supplying web site information.  But, this is a start and again, open to ideas and suggestions for this as well.

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